Visiting the Museum of Fine Arts....

I love taking the kids to the museum...any museum, but especially the MFA.  There is so much to explore there...we always find something that we haven't seen before.

We went to see the Samuri exhibit:

We were very impressed....although I think Willow was a little scared.
Amazing textures and the piercing eyes.
Well worth dragging a tired 5 year old around the museum to find this.  It was amazing to see.

We did not realize that the Art In Bloom event was still going on, so sometimes we saw beautiful flower arrangements next to the art.
Yeah, that blur is Willow....

This painting reminded me of was painted in the gallery (very meta):
And, we had time to make our own art outside of the museum...
It was a great day!




Kristin said…
My boys would LOVE that Samurai exhibit. Sounds like y'all had a wonderful time.

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