Tuesday, April 16, 2013

No title can really work for this post.  Actually, I have no idea if I have words to fit in this post.

I just feel like I need to say something, I suppose.  Or maybe I just want to acknowledge it here.  I don't know.

I am not a Runner.  I don't even follow sports that much.  But I do like Patriot's Day and Marathon Day.

It has always been a wonderful start to Spring, to Renewal.  Some local news anchors pointed out that the whole Patriot's Day Atmosphere is celebratory and fun.  We go see the re-enactors, we watch people from various countries and nationalities come here for the Marathon.  We see stories of humanity and overcoming adversity.  We remember our roots and enjoy the blossoming of Spring.

One year, my Uncle Bob ran the Marathon.  It was the probably the closest I have ever been to the Marathon.  Michael and I went and cheered my Uncle and the other runners on.  Last year, my husband was working right on the route and was able to watch a good portion of it.

I have walked and driven through the Copley Square area many, many times.  Now, everytime I go into Boston, everytime I go to Copley Square, like every Patriot's Day and every Marathon day from here on in--I will think about the many people affected by the ignobility of man.

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Dandylines said...

Nice comment. Also loved your article on 20 years.

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