Sunday, April 21, 2013

Birthday Party!!!

Willow's Birthday Party was Saturday and it ran very smoothly.  I think everyone had a great time!  Other than ordering a bit too much food (last year I think I bought too little) it all went well!

Her friends arrived and they scattered everywhere to play games...we had tons of tokens (we still have!).

The kids liked playing in the tubes, her cousins came and enjoyed the smaller rides/games.  To be honest, I was surprised when it was seemed like it just flew by.

Here are some pictures:

Dancing with Chuck E. Cheese (Willow in the Crown at the front).

Michael could not contain his hunger, before the food came...bummed 2 bucks off me to get Cotton Candy.

Willow's cousins, Lorelei (in the blue) and Kirsten LOVED their balloons!

Willow, Chuck and Kirsten.

Playing in the tubes/slide.

Willow and Chuck.


Back at home, modeling one of her gifts, a hat. (Well, technically two gifts, as we had given her the dress as a gift earlier in the day.)  Oh, and there is chocolate cake all over her face, a sign of good times if I ever saw one.


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St Elsewhere said...

Happy Birthday, Willow!

It does look like she had a great happy for her.

I love her dress.