Monday, March 18, 2013

Unexpected Benefits

She asks me to come up to snuggle with her in her new bed.  She never slows down during the day (is she sick?).

Usually it is "come play with me" or lately singing and dancing (she is so good with both--so much so that when she does it at an inopportune moment, I cannot stop her as easily as a "good parent" should...)

Right the middle of a Sunday, when we have just finished a busy social day out...she has asked me to snuggle. 

We go up to her newly re-arranged room, to her new twin sized bed.  A bed that I can lay on too.

And she fusses with books and toys while we lay.  It is the typical thing with her--perpetual motion.  I sigh and lay with her in her bed.  I read to her we snuggle under her new sheets and comforter.

She gets up to get a juice box.  I lay on her bed and look around at her room in a new perspective.  I close my eyes, wishing she would actually take a promised nap with me.

She comes back, drinks her juice box, while we read another book. 

Then she lays back with me--finally ready to just relax and snuggle.  Then the cat comes in.  But he comes up to snuggle too.  He lays between us while we rub his head and chin, pet his back.  It is wonderful and peaceful and an unexpected part of the day.


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Kacey said...

How sweet that she finally slowed down enough for a cuddle.

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