Monday, March 04, 2013

Total Con 2013

Not too soon after we got to the hotel, we found friends!

For Friday afternoon, Michael had a minatures game called Monster Smash!  (Basically, playing as all the Godzilla monsters smashing a model city).  I had an afternoon role playing game--I figured out a key thing to defeat the main monster--and then blew my dice role by ONE point!, I did not survive...well, only one of our party survived...that is COC after all....

After dinner (pizza in the room), Chewy went to his game and me and the kids went to see a Rocky Horror type showing of the Buffy musical....

Willow with a Willow shirt. Face painted.

Did not see much of Michael during the weekend.  He was playing games and mainly hanging out with friends at the video game room.  Every so often we would pop in to make sure he was okay--and he would occassionally come up for air to get some snack food from our room...

One of the highlights for him was to play an old style D&D game GM'd by one of the legends, Frank Metzner.  I had finished up my game that night and they were just finishing up (around 12:30 a.m.)

Willow had fun playing classic board games, playing in the pool, exploring the hotel...
and hanging out watching television and eating grapes and snack foods in bed!

Everyone had a fun time and we each had a highlight.  As usual, though, when you are having fun...the time went by so quickly!
Soon it was Sunday morning, and we were having our breakfast before our last hours of Total Confusion.

Until Next Year!!


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