Thursday, March 14, 2013

School Daze

This week, Chewy went to a parent orientation for incoming freshman for high school.  Oh, wait, did I just type FRESHMAN in HIGH SCHOOL?? 

This week, Michael brought home a brochure from the high school.  We have been spending this week going over what classes he will be taking in the fall.  It seems so different (but yet the same) from when I was in high school.  It is a bit more sophisticated, daunting and frustrating.  I can tell that we as parents will need to be vigilant that he has the right classes to move him forward to higher learning/life.  So far, classes have included Honors English and Honors Algebra, Physics, and surprisingly to me, Band.  I worry about whether he will be able to deal with the more difficult class load (just reading the descriptions in the brochure, English requires 12 (count 'em) essays (not his strong suit) and one research paper.  He will definitely be challenged.  I think he is intelligent enough--I worry about his study habits and his ability to deal with the extra amount of time it will take.  I also wonder about whether his 504 will be in place -- yeah, that is something I will have to look into...

Also this week--I received Willow's registration to KINDERGARTEN.  My gosh, I had forgotten how much crap you have to go through just to register your kid!  Proof of residency, birth certificate, registration packet, I know what I will be dealing with in my "spare" time!  Not to mention the fact that, well, geez...Time doesn't seem to be standing still!!  My little baby is going to be Five in a little over a month.  And in September--starting school!!

I am gonna be a mess in September.


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