Sunday, December 16, 2012

Seasonal Stuff and the End of Hanukkah...

I would like to say that this weekend I have held my children closer and that my thoughts keep going towards those poor parents in Newtown, CT (not too far away from here...). (I could not imagination the horror and loss they are dealing with and will have to deal with long after people have forgotten about this tragedy).

I feel very strongly about the need for better control of guns and more help for the mentally ill...however, I am weary that anything will be done about this situation. Both sides of the issues seem to have entrenched themselves. I would hope that 6 and 7 year olds being killed would not be in vain. But I am too cynical to believe that anything will be done.

Of course, the weekend I want to be able to think of my children dearly--Willow has been such a pill! Being grouchy and whiny and needy and basically driving me and Chewy batty. I am sure it is not just her--we have had lots of anxiety lately---and the last few weeks have definitely not been normal around here.

Speaking of getting back to normal--I am still a bit affected by the recent gall bladder eviction. I would say I am at 75%-80% of my old self. Trying to get back into my normal routines (work, domestic duties, you know, life in general...) has left me exhausted. And the stress--well, that has helped me to get a nice old fashioned COLD. (Yay!)

But this weekend we have been able to enjoy some seasonal fun. We spent yesterday attempting to create gingerbread houses (well, in Willow's case, a Cinderella castle...)


Michael made a gingerbread house that had creepy things on says "Keep Out!"

Last night of Hanukkah, we decided to light all four Menorahs!

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