Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Photos

Despite the sickness in the house, I was still able to get a few photos for this holiday season.

 At Zoo Lights on Christmas Eve Eve

I don't know where the reindeer are!

Christmas Eve - Present Exchange

Since Michael was feeling sick, Willow took over the job of family Santa.

A Giant Princess Coloring book.

Christmas PJs - Tinkerbell!

All things Star Wars must include a Darth Vader Mug with Hot Cocoa!

Christmas Day

Everything waiting...

Some of Willow's gifts from Santa.

Some of Michael's gifts from Santa.

First thing she went for was the BIKE.

And then the castle...which was being invaded by the trucks.

Michael assembling a game.

Santa's reply to Willow's note she left with the cookies and milk.

Horse "riding".

Michael playing Willow's new Wii game (which uses a baby doll). Thanks, Ana!

Michael reading a holiday book to Willow.

Lego Dracula's Castle...HUGE.


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