Saturday, December 08, 2012

Missing You Today

Missed you today.  This is the season for missing you more than normal.

But today.  Well, lets just say--Splenda doesn't work well in your fudge recipes.  And the kids were all over the place and not really paying attention to the process that special time that we had together making fudge--the one I try to recreate with my kids every year at this time--well, it just did not "Click" this time.  And the fudge is ruined.

But.  Tomorrow is another day and we are going to try and make the fudge again tomorrow (with SUGAR...I guess I will just make sure to not eat too many pieces before I give most of it away!)

Mostly though..I wish you were around so that I could tell you what a mess it was and we could laugh about it together.

(Oh, and the kids still had fun with it--everyone else around here LOVES marshmallows--so it wasn't a total loss!)
Hmmm...this seems to capture the experience too well... P.S. At least the latkes and roast for the first night of Hanukkah were perfect!


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