Monday, July 30, 2012

Perfect Moment Monday

Perfect Moment Monday is about noticing a perfect moment rather than creating one. Perfect moments can be momentous or ordinary or somewhere in between. On the last Monday of each month we engage in mindfulness about something that is right with our world. Everyone is welcome to join. The next Perfect Moment Monday event will begin August 27. To participate in Perfect Moment Monday: Follow Write Mind Open Heart. Between the Sunday night before and the Sunday night after, write up your own Perfect Moment and post. Visit the Perfect Moments of others and let the writers know you were there with some comment currency.

Moment #1: He is rude/annoying and the argument that ensues and takes down three individuals (me, my son and my husband) ends with us all (including innocent little sister) home instead of enjoying the rest of the not-too-social-or-ice-creamy-social. We get home, I take my daughter in for some ice cream. My husband and son stay in the car. And talk it through. Tearfully, he comes in and we discuss the situation. Everyone takes their turn. We all find a fault in our sides--and we agree that a lot of the situation was miss-communication. He still has to deal with finding a correct way to handle adverse social situations. But the resulting discussion makes me realize that we are doing something right as parents, as a family--and he is learning and trying to understand how to work things through. Later, when it is all blown over--I make it a point to tell him I am sorry for my part of it. And he has some ice cream.

Moment #2: Moments before -- on a whim we see a neighborhood ice cream social and we drop by. It is not very big, there are not very many things to do, we kinda feel like we should just go ahead and leave. But there she is, finding things to do where there are none, enjoying the sun and the grass and the venue as only a whirlwind child can. I am amazed at how little things can mean so much to someone.



Lavender Luz said...

Sometimes the best parenting moments come right after a meltdown.

Ice cream, sun and grass. Your daughter helps me to remember the important things in life.

Kathy said...

Love that you found a perfect moment in working through a difficult parenting situation. I am proud of you for taking responsibility for your part in the miscommunication. I have done that too when I felt I was at fault when trying to handle an altercation with my kids. Well done.

Also love that your daughter is able to find and enjoy simple pleasures wherever you and she goes.

Thank you for sharing.

Yo-yo Mama said...

It's not as easy for others to understand how hard it is to deal with a child who just can't understand consequences especially when even I as a parent lose patience. To have that moment, that "click" after the smoke settles? Yeah, that IS perfect.

Rebecca Hawkes said...

"But the resulting discussion makes me realize that we are doing something right as parents, as a family--and he is learning and trying to understand how to work things through." I love reading this. It is actually a huge step, imho! Love your focus on repair and on moving forward. Appreciated also the way you claimed your part in it and modeled taking responsibility!

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