Monday, July 02, 2012


Sometimes, when money is tight, it is so hard to decide what things are necessary. I mean that there are, of course, ways to cut costs and there are things that one can do to save money.

But there are those intangible things that come up that make you really question what you are cutting.

It became apparent a few weeks ago that both Chewy and I are burning ourselves out. We need a vacation. We need to enjoy the summer and the kids and we need to relax and forget our troubles for a bit.

We are going to go to Cape Cod for a long weekend at the end of this week. Logistically, it works well with the Fourth of July and Chewy's Birthday.

We struggled in deciding to even do this mini-vacation. Do we dare spend money for some frivolousness?

In the end, we realized that sometimes there is a need that you just have to spend the money for.

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serenity said...

Good for you. Quality family time is worth every penny spent, in my opinion.

Enjoy the Cape.


Coco said...

Oooh. Again, jealous. LOL. I definitely think it's worth the investment... family time and saving one's sanity don't count as frivolity in my book. Although I *painfully* hear you about budgeting woes and making decisions. Ugh. All I want is to be wealthy enough to own a home and 2 cars, free and clear, AND have enough left over to hire a full time maid, personal chef, personal trainer, part time nanny, AND to be healthy, skinny, fertile, and able to eat copious amounts of whatever the hell I want without worrying about it adding another layer of buttery fat to my body. *sigh* Is that really too much to ask? LOL. :)