Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mini-Vacation - Cape Cod

It was interesting to have such a short time in which to do all the things we like to do on Cape.  Yet, we did indeed have a lot of experiences and enjoyed ourselves.

We enjoyed several beaches in a lot of different phases--at sunset, early in the morning, high tide, low tide, in our swimsuits and warm water in Cape Cod Bay, in our clothes in the cold surf of the Ocean watching seals bopping up to the surface.

We played mini-golf (twice at the same place), arcade games, got tickets and got Willow a stuffed animal, ate pizza (twice at the mini-golf place) and rode 50 cent rides.

We went to the drive-in movie to watch a mediocre movie (the new Spider-Man).  We ate out and had lobster and corn on the cob and chowder, ice cream and salad with WONDERFUL dressings.

We swam in the pool at the motel, we played board games and watched television while in the hotel bed, had snacks that normally we wouldn't have (yum, mint oreo cookies and M&Ms!)

It was short.  It was needed.  We took it for all it was worth!  (And boy, were we tired when we got home!)

Watching the seals bopping around at Nauset Light Beach.  (Yeah, I did not take pictures of them--I already have tons of pics from previous times--this time, I just watched them).

Mommy caught a crab with her bare hands!  (I was so proud!)  We all caught a lot of hermit crabs, but I caught this one!  (all were released)

Once she got her floaties and vest on--this girl wanted to just go into the deep end!!  (Mom is right out of shot there--Michael is putting on his snorkel in the background).

While the seals bopped around--so did Willow (it started out as only getting feet wet--yeah, well, she was soaked by the end, which was fine, it was the end of the day and we were not far from the hotel).

M&M pancakes and blueberries--which she was playing with and not eating.

Went here twice, cuz we love our ice cream!

Kinda nonsense video at a restaurant, where you can see the Ocean, Michael's silhouette, hear Willow in the background and Chewy complementing our waitress.

Michael on the beach in Provincetown.  Being very much like his father when he was that age.

First night, sunset at low tide.

Willow being herself.

Yummy yummy pizza!

Mini-golf expert--she moves the ball close to the hole--and it is a "hole in one".

Tall enough that he probably needs a longer golf club!


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JJ said...

Mini vacations are sooo nice! Glad you all had fun - Michael looks so grown up!