Sunday, November 20, 2011

Day 20 - The Bullets, The Bullets...

I have decided to once again participate in November. To read more about NaBloPoMo please click HERE.

In bullets because it is Sunday and I really don't have a coherent thought for a post...

  • MineCraft has now invaded imaginary play. Earlier this morning, Willow and I were alternatively zombies, werewolves, creepers, skeletons and wolfs/puppies. Michael fought us with diamond swords, pix axes and the sun.
  • Lazy Sunday today, more in anticipation of the coming Thanksgiving weekend and the many activities planned. Lazy meaning I am on the computer in my pjs, Michael is playing an X-Box game, Willow is snuggling with Kif on the couch, Chewy is upstairs taking a nap. And it is almost noon.
  • Gaming night on Friday was Lord of the Fries; Michael won, I was last place although I was filling orders the quickest at the beginning (I guess my zombie brain burned out!)
  • We re-watched Captain America this Thursday night, and while I liked it a lot and thought it was a good comic book movie--I say it is still not the best one. (Spider-Man 2 is the best comic book movie so far, I would say).
  • With the weather getting cooler, I am definitely itching for more time for Board Gaming.
  • There is a jar of eyeballs on the desk. I see that decoration from Halloween that has been forgotten to be packed away. Wonder if I will just leave it. (Heck, for a time, before we had kids, we had a brain and a hand in a jar in the bathroom. Year round.)


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