Monday, June 14, 2010

Perfect Moments Monday - Rainy Weekend Edition

This was not the spring/summer weekend I generally enjoy--rainy, cloudy, cool. But many moments that made this weekend perfect:

Moment #1: Lazy Saturday early evening, he has been wanting to go outside, but it is still rainy/drizzly. We decide to watch something. And we present him with a favorite of my husband and I -- "Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat". I DVR'd it with the hope that we could introduce him to this musical. At first, he squirms in his seat. Then, you can see him enjoying it. Of course, Act 1 finishes just as the sun comes out...and he asks to go out to play--but asks if we can watch the rest later...which we do. Later, I hear him humming the tunes in the bathtub.

Moment #2: Its just me and her on a Sunday morning (son and husband are with the karate class at a showing of the new Karate movie). We go out for an errand--the pet store for cat litter and food. She immediately finds the aquariums of fish and watches them with fascination. Later she insists on "helping" push the shopping cart and loading the trunk. I have a feeling of the future and shopping trips with my daughter...and she then sees the old flip flops I had negleted to throw away from last summer...and she wears them ALL day (another feeling of "we are going to be doing a lot of this" sweeps over me). Later, despite that I am under the weather...she sees Chuck and we go there--just her and me.

Moment #3: Its Sunday later in the day and its still rainy and everyone wants to just snuggle in for another movie. This time my son picks--To.y Stor.y (in anticipation of seeing the 3rd one). We all enjoy it, my husband and I remembering that the first time we saw this, it was just me and him. Another moment forward in time and here we are sitting here with our children on a rainy day. What could be more perfect than that?

Bonus Moment (me being ridiculus): Today is Field Day at my son's school, meaning the kids go outside (and inside) for various games and fun. There are races and a dunk tank, parents are encouraged to come. My husband and I take turns going--this year its my husband's turn. To be a part of it, I volunteered to make 25 water balloons. At home, on a Sunday night, my son and I made 30 water balloons...rather, I mainly did it because my son started to see how hard it was and how wet I was getting. Hey, the first 10 balloons (once I got the hang of tying them, etc.) were EASY--I only got my shirt wet! By the last balloons, the floor in the bathroom was wet, my pants,shirt, etc. were wet, my daughter had a dud balloon filled with only a little water in it, and my son was happy it was over and he was only slightly wet. Daughter played and played with that dud for over 2 hours before it finally burst on her--to her delight.

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DaisyGal said...

I'll say it again...these PERFECT moments are ruining my MAKEUP :)

I loved this, so many to choose from, so many to feel cozy about. Did you DVR Joseph from the "Ovation" channel??? I was watching it last week..maybe Thurs or Fri and loved it just as much as I did LIVE.

you certainly did have some absolutely PERFECT moments. *ahhh*

Lavender Luz said...

Ahhh..."Joseph" was one of my favorites, and I even produced an elementary school play once. LOVE IT! And now my kids do, too. How awesome that you had a perfect moment with it, as well.

The water balloon scene makes me smile.

Sheri said...

I am visiting from and participating in Perfect Moment Monday.

Your Perfect Moments reminded me of many that I have had with my kiddos. All three boys LOVED the movie about Joseph. We can still sing all of the songs.

And To.y Stor.y was one of our favorites when the boys were younger (now teenagers).

Thanks for sharing your Perfect Moment! They seem to be contagious!!!

Cibele said...

what a fun wonderful mom you are my friend!

MrsSpock said...

Just watched Toy Story for the first time with J, and he is in love with "Superman" (Buzz). Not sure how he got "Superman" from that, as he has never actually seen Superman.

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