Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Further Vacation Notes (with Pictures!)

Martha's Vineyard went extremely well, although the ferry ride was bumpy ride on the way back.

Willow rode the carousel twice and really enjoyed it. I got the rings, but when Tom and I teamed up--we got 16!! But no brass rings...(darn!)

We had a great lunch--lobsters for the adults and mac n cheese. Later we had a snack of wonderful nachos--and the kids got plastic sharks!

We also got some more beach time in and the kids where great.

It is very fun to have Tom along...he gets along well with the kids and I can just see that we are all going to miss him when he goes back to Michigan, especially Willow and Michael.

Today we played a couple Mini-Golf games, one at one of our favorite places, a pirate themed place. The other one is at the Red Barn, where we had such a great pizza for lunch--we are not hungry for dinner..

Tomorrow, our last full day on the Cape, we are going to Provincetown for the day. Looking forward to a wonderful ending to a wonderful time.

Here are some of the many pictures so far:

Michael sitting on the ferry on the way to Martha's was very windy and it was fun watching him looking out onto the water...

Just before boarding the Pirate Adventure a few days before.

Willow at the beach the first day.

Willow on her first ride on Martha's Vineyard.

A couple of nice photos of the two kids together.


Kristin said...

Really great pics. I love them all but the one of Willow as a pirate is especially adorable.

Somewhat Ordinary said...

I love Pirate Willow! Looks like you guys are having a great vacation.

Cibele said...

Willow looks so grown up!!!! love all the pictures

LJ said...

Is that the carousel with the golden ring? I love that one!

MrsSpock said...

This is very sad, but even going on the carousel makes me want to barf. I am old.

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