Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Cape Escape

I am now at the point before vacation where all I can think about is "Vacation, vacation, vacation..." And being the little organizer that I am, checklists are coming out and packing is starting to happen.

We are going to Cape Cod for a week. Just me, my husband and the kids. (Still feeling nice about saying "kids"--still seems kinda new and wonderful and different)

Usually we invite someone to come with us. This year, for a change, its just us. And I am soo looking forward to it. This has been such a hard year for us, and finally things have started looking up. So what better way to celebrate new beginnings than to relax and enjoy the things we have.

I am looking forward to re-reading one of my favorite books (Time Traveler's Wife), hanging out at the beach...watching Willow enjoy Cape Cod for the very first time (we went only for a brief time last year--she was too young).

I am looking forward to some SLOW, unhurried time with my son and with my husband.

Oh, and the seafood...

Yes, my mind is totally not here right now...


Caro said...

Have fun

serenity said...

Mmmm, that sounds fantastic. We're going to NC for a beach vacation in the beginning of September and it's starting to creep into my mind "beach beach beach!"

Have a fantastic time!


JJ said...

Ooo have a great time--hope its really relaxing!

Jendeis said...

Ooh, I love that book! Recently finished it, and can't wait to see how the movie compares.

Have a nice vacation!

Billy said...

Here through Blogger Bingo.
Hope you had a great vacation (looks like it by the pics in the next posts..). And hope you had your slow time with son and hubbie.