Perfect Moment Monday

Perfect Moment #1: I step into the noisy arcade. I search for my husband, my children and my son’s friend. I see them. Tall furry, lumpy man with two boys. And a baby crocked in one arm, other arm being used to shoot a video arcade weapon, while the boys and the baby girl root him on excitedly.

Perfect Moment #2: She picks up the play phone. Crocks it between her ear and her shoulder. She babbles, sounding like “hello” and I ask who she is calling. “Daddy”. And we converse with daddy in babbles and smiles.

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Lavender Luz said…
I can just picture both of these.

That sounds like one wonderful Daddy.
Cassandra said…
"Tall furry lumpy" is such a good description!
Once A Mother said…
very cute
MrsSpock said…
Good Daddy!

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