Friday, July 17, 2009

Obsessions - UPDATED

Michael is obsessed with Marvel Ultimate Alliance. He plays the Wii game; when not playing it, he is talking about Marvel superheroes and what ones we like; we have re-watched both Fantastic Four movies.

Willow is obsessed with Shoes. Her shoes. Her shoes on. Her shoes off. Other peoples shoes. Old shoes that I have put aside for going to the beach. New shoes with tags still on them. Shoes.

I am obsessed with enjoying the summer weather now that it is finally sunny here! I am obsessed with spending all the quality time I can with the kids, because I might be getting a job offer soon. I am obsessed with checking my email to see if I have any news on said offer.

Time to check e-mail.

UPDATE: Got the job. Start Thursday. Oh wow. Husband started a new job 2 weeks ago. I start a new job next week. This is my last day with Willow all day--starting her full time at daycare next week...gotta find summer day camp for Michael...summer is finally here and NOW I get a job?...ahhh, at least I am going to the Cape in August...luckily told the new job that...Michael and I will have 3 days just the two of us together...I did have fun with them...but I have gone crazy too...glad to be working...scared and nervous too...going to celebrate this weekend...and rest up, you would think I would have gotten more accomplished in my 4 months of unemployement...but yet, I did have LOTS going on...and I did do some wonderful things with the kids...ugh, the commute is the same CRAPPY one I did for 10 years...I get to know my iPod better again...


serenity said...

Those are adorable shoes!

And isn't it amazing how the weather totally affects the mood? I hope you're enjoying today too - feels like the first real day of summer. :)


KimboSue said...

YAY for shoes!
YAY for summer!
YAY for potential job!


Martha said...

Congrats on you and hubby's new jobs!
Super cute little girl shoes.

Valerie said...

Congrats on the new job

MrsSpock said...

Shoes are good! And whoo hoo! to the new job....

Fertilized said...

Yah for shoes - I have a post about shoes -- Austin will not wear them at all.

Those shoes are cute!

Vongrats on the new job

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