Show & Tell #21

I always like special ornaments, and these hand made ornaments are great additions to our tree. Thank you, Margo!

The newest addition, for the geekest tree! My husband loves this ornament!* Maybe next year another Star Trek insigna? Maybe Battlestar Galatica!

The other new ornament--for our newest addition.**

Very nice.

An ornament for me.

* Its a Klingon symbol. Very cool. :-)

** Willow approved. As with anything and everything else, she put it in her mouth!

Show and Tell


Cassandra said…
My ornaments are mostly non-geeky, but I do have a very fine storebought Boba Fett ornament. People see it among the Santas etc. and get very confused.
Cara said…
That is what I love about a christmas tree - it says so much about us, kinda like a medicine cabinet..but not quite.

Another Dreamer said…
Love the geeky ornament. It gives the tree character ;)

The other ornaments are sweet, nice keep sake treasures.
battynurse said…
Very cool ornaments. I love the stockings.
Rachel said…
I wish I had a more 'traditional' streak when it comes to decorating the tree. I insist on doing it all myself, and people comment that it looks like a pic in a magazine. It's an obsession. I have no problem putting the kids' stuff everywhere else, but the tree is ALL MINE. Weird, right?
Sam said…
That certainly has to be a geeky tree!!! My brother would love to see that ornament!

Merry Christmas!
MrsSpock said…
Ah, Klingon!

Qapla' batlh je!

Love the ornament!

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