Monday, December 01, 2008

Perfect Moment Monday

Of course this long weekend had a host of Perfect Moments. Time stood still this weekend and I saw things between the ticks and the tocks.

As we were putting up our decorations, Michael had an earnest discussion of the origins and histories of various ornaments/decorations. Having him remember things from previous years was such a wonderful experience, one that has only started happening in the last few years, as our son has grown to a maturity where memory and history intertwine. The Perfect Moment – Michael, with Santa Hat that he has claimed as his own since last year, totally involved in putting together the Christmas Tree countdown to X-Mas. Putting the little wooden slats into the wooden tree, he looked so determined and so sure of himself and his place in the world.

Willow’s Perfect Moment was more in the line of her gaining knowledge of herself and how things work. She found out that she could curl her bottom lip under her top lip, and make a sucking, slurping noise. She had fun doing that, and was entranced when I could “pop” my lips in almost the same way. At one point, she was in her father’s arms and was slurping her lip—looking around, waiting for the reply. Then, I “popped” my lips—and she turned right towards me with a laugh and a giggle.

(an “imperfect” moment for our cat—the first tail pull from Willow—caught on video!)


Lori said...

What a lovely moment to share. I can just see in my mind the room transform to a winter wonderland, with your children enjoying the Christmas spirit.

Poor cat!

Christy said...

What precious, precious memories. Thanks for sharing!