Monday, July 28, 2008

Success and Failure

This weekend we went for a day and a half to a gaming convention. We traditionally go to this one and to one in February, usually staying the whole weekend. This was our first attempt with Willow. It went very well. We have bought a travel crib which works wonderfully, and she actually slept fine. Husband got to role play game that Friday evening, while I spent time in the pool with the kids. It was great to watch Michael dive down with his snorkel and googles. He was having such fun! Willow was not sure what to make of the pool. She was not upset, but she had a very quizzical expression most of the time. I played with her, twirling her around, having her legs sway back and forth, getting her whole body wet, etc. I even put her (for a moment) in a floaty ring. After ½ hour, I took her out and I wrapped her in a pool towel. She snuggled in---and promptly fell asleep!

I was so impressed with Michael’s pool playing that the next morning, we got up at 6 a.m. and he and I went to the pool by ourselves. It was great to spend some one on one time with him.

Then, Michael and I each had games to play (I won Dork Tower, and won a board game!). Michael played a superhero game, enjoying it very much. Later, I bought t-shirts and a card game. Willow was with daddy most of the morning, although she also was passed around a bit—she was that CUTE! Michael and Willow wore their Call of Cthulu shirts…it was great!

The only bummer of the weekend was when we came home—and I discovered that I gained 3 pounds! Hmmm… that was not what I expected. And now it hits me—I have to REALLY exercise and eat right again. Yep, no excuses now! I guess what annoys me (other than that it actually means I weigh more than when I was pregnant!) is that I was doing so well until 8 months…then I started to slip (“Oh, I can have that piece of chocolate cake, I am pregnant after all”). Then, after the baby, I tried to concentrate only on being sane. Then going back to work (where I did start exercising—just not as much as I wanted to). Then the wedding and the relatives visiting…then daycare provider having vacation last week (meaning we had to scramble around and have an all around messed up week). All were used as excuses for not being able to eat right and exercise. Now, I hope that we can get into the new Normal again—with added ingredients of better meals and exercise.

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melanie said...

OMG! I must get my little one that Cthulu shirt - my Mister would just die if he came home one day and she was wearing it. Thanks for the link!

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