The Cat, the Kids and the Wardrobe

This weekend was my brother's wedding and my son got to be the ring bearer. It was the first time ever he was formally dressed and in a tuxedo, no less!

At the fitting. This jacket was too small. And the pants. My son has long arms and legs! I hadn't realized how long and lanky he looks! Luckily, the next size worked well--although the tailor still had to let down the pants! He sympathized with me on how hard it is to buy pants for this kid!

With my brother just before the wedding. Although planned for outside, the weather was much too humid and hot (94 degrees), so it was inside.

The wedding went very well. Michael was a good ring bearer, never shirking his duty, and only losing the rings a couple times before the ceremony. During the ceremony, the photographer tried to have him sit down too soon. He replied quietly that he "still had one ring left" on his pillow, thank you very much. I have wonderful video and pictures of him during and after the ceremony and in his tux at the reception. Much to his chagrin, he was pestered by many girls who wanted to dance with him. But he only danced with mom and Ana!

Also this week, Willow learned to grab things--things like a RATTLE!

At her check up, Willow weighed in at 12 lbs. and 23 inches and took her first shots like a pro--only a little crying/shrieking!

Willow has grown out of her smallest clothes (0-3 mos.) and is now starting to wear some of the new 3-6 mos. clothes, like this outfit from Nonnie...

We don't know about the bonnet...we kinda feel like someone else looks better in it...


Valerie said…
Awww she has chubby cheeks. Too cute and the big guy looked awesome in the tux
Kate said…
Your family sure does clean up nicely!!
docgrumbles said…
glad i am not the only one to put my cat in baby clothes!

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