Thursday, July 10, 2008

Little Things Make it Worthwhile

The past week has been hectic. Which is funny, because I always felt that we were hectic before. And it is different, but the same. I think sometimes that I am overwhelmed. And then I think I have a handle on it. I still have to remind my husband and son to help out (we are a team, after all—right guys?). I sometimes just end up doing everything myself (and feeling overwhelmed). But, so far, this is not anything new. I am coming up with new expectations and new routines.

Willow is definitely new. But she is also changing and we are adapting. I am adapting.

I think the hardest thing so far is remembering that I can’t just leave the house without stuff. Michael is so self sufficient in so many ways. And Willow is so dependent. And Michael is still a child too—which I have to remember sometimes. Sometimes he is so mature…and sometimes his OCD or ADHD make him so immature…

As for their interaction together, while it is limited at the moment because of her age, she does smile at him and recognize him. He loves cuddling her, making up songs about her:
“Funky, funky Willow and her Diaper of Doom” is a favorite. He likes to try and soothe her when she crys and likes to play with her arms and legs.

Despite all the stuff to do, things to remember, sleep to make up, its the little things that are making me happy: Willow’s sleeping form in my arms at 4 a.m.—wanting to just cuddle up with her; Michael running from his room to ours, to jump into our bed for warmth and a cuddle; Willow smiling and cooing; Michael concentrating on reading a book (so serious); Willow wide-eyed expressions; Michael coming downstairs after bedtime with his mischievous smile.

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