Saturday, September 03, 2011

Giving Summer a Good Good-Bye

Went to the beach today. It was wonderful and sunny and warm but not too warm. We found tide pools and we hunted hermit crabs and snails. We climbed rocks and got into the water.

I am blamed for sunburns...I mean, I did allow Chewy to apply the sunblock, didn't I? So, both the kids have slight (well Michael's is not as slight) sunburns...first time in years...I guess a good reminder of the summer?

Then we clean off the sand and go into town. Eat some wonderfully priced lobsters and walk along the pier.

Willow had three tantrums--one at the beach (she did not want to GOooooooo!!) and one when I told her that she was not getting that expensive toy and one more time on the way back to the car (she wanted to go back to see the Bunnies--there was a woman with bunnies in town).

Lastly, we have ice cream and look at the water. Take the long walk back to the car. Tired and burned and thirsty (and tear-streaked--well, at least one of us).

The drive home...I think, how perfect it was.


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Kristin said...

It sounds like a perfectly wonderful day (even with the tantrums).

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