Friday, September 16, 2011

Play Time

Lately Willow likes to play at being the "mommy" and I am the child. She takes me to the couch and tries to put me to bed. She gets me a toy to sleep with, a blanket. She reads a book or two. This is often fun because I get to see what she really retains from the book readings.

This book becomes the book about "the man who hates monkeys". It was amazing to watch her read this book to me (one of those times when you wish you could grab the video camera, but you are kind of stuck there in the moment with her and you know if you went to record it, the moment would end). She did the voices and the imitations of the monkey see, monkey do exchange and she understood the concept of the peddler needing to rest against the tree and the caps, etc.

Then it is time for me to go to sleep (which usually I CRAVE and have no problems with, but I know she is playing and wants a more realistic exchange). So, I claim that there are monsters under the couch; she gets them away. I ask if she will sit with me a while. She exasperatedly says yes (she is good at playing my role!). Then I ask for water. Then she sighs and agrees to get me water, but I have to go to bed.
She stays with me for a bit.

Then she says "good night" and then leaves the room.

I rest my eyes and start to drift...

And then its "morning time!" time to get up, honey! And we go through a routine of a day. Repeat. And now...

She wants to play "me be the mommy and you be the honey" again....maybe I will get about 2 mins of rest?!


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Jenn said...

I love that she calls it the 'honey' that's what we always called ourselves, because my Mom called us honey!