Saturday, September 24, 2011

Buffy Marathon...

Chewy is safe in Romania now. His luggage is missing, but traveling 3 different planes for almost 24 hours drains you enough that you don't care until you get some sleep(!) So, now we hope he gets that luggage tomorrow!

Meanwhile, Michael and I are "celebrating" dad's business trip to Transylvania by having a Buffy marathon. Since we have not been remiss and have already indoctrinated him in the arts of Buffy--we have started with Season 2. Tonight we are watching the Halloween episode--the first episode I ever saw.

Michael is really into two things right now--Buffy and Mine craft (videogame). So...we spent a whole bunch of time with his friend last night playing that videogame; and then time with Uncle John playing the videogame.

While we watched a Buffy episode this morning. Willow watched with us. And kept asking--where is me? Is that me? Where is the Willow? Did she just kill that demon? Oh, no, she is the geek/witch, hon. Yes...that is Willow. (Very fun!)

I am really enjoying rewatching Buffy. And I am glad I can share this with him.


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Kristin said...

I loved that series...need to watch it again.