Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Amicable Departures

Today I had lunch with my former employers. They had laid me off in June with the hopes of having me come back in September.

I left the house at the same moment that our dear friend who was visiting was being shuttled by Chewy and Michael to the airport.

Everyone in the household already misses him and he has just been gone for a few hours...

Meanwhile, I met up with my bosses and had Thai food. We smiled and greeted each other and caught up with each other.

They praised my work and told me how much they missed me. (How they would like me back)

We ordered food while they told me how their business is picking up and things are looking cautiously better.

Before the food came, they asked me how I felt about coming back and where I was.

I had my proposal ready and I gently told them my issues and how I thought we could work through them. We paused while we ate.

And. In the end, they are doing better, but not enough to be able to accommodate my financial needs to work for them.

We left the restaurant hoping that perhaps I can work on a project or two for them...before I move on.

We shook hands and departed.

Sometimes all you can say is good-bye.



Photogrl said...

Hoping your next employment opportunity is right around the corner!


Suzy, Not a Fertile Myrtle said...

I really hope the perfect job is just around the corner!

Anonymous said...

I am glad you got to spend the summer home with the kids, but I hope your next opportunity comes a'knockin' soon!

JJ said...

So sorry you had to say goodbye-but I know the right things is not far off for you. Thinking of you and the family ((hugs))