Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Conversations on a Stroll

Went on a little walk today at the local pond/nature trail. As we walked, Willow had her new sunglasses on upside down (her favorite way to wear them). She insisted on bringing a toy stroller with a barbie, a Rio figure and an injured flying dinosaur (he has only one wing now). As usual, she stopped every so often to pick a flower or a rock (or a mangled leaf or a squashed pine cone) and put them into her stroller.

She ran ahead of me several times and then said she was "tired" and needed to sit on the benches surrounding the pond.

At one point we were admiring the flowers near the pond and she got a little too close. I caught her before she fell in.

"You saved my life!!" she gladly said and she seemed the most thankful for the help.

We then said "Hi...hello!" to several people fishing. She got to see some fish being caught (perch) and was impressed with their haul.

We then met some people with puppy dogs. One of which "licked me, he is so CUUUTE!!"

We talked about the various flowers and their colors and then we walked back to where the car was. (Me carrying the small toy stroller)

At the resturant for lunch she lets a group of elderly citizens know that she needs to "pee! where are the pottys?"

And as we finish our lunch, she sincerely looks at me and goes:

"You know what, mommy? I really miss daddy and Michael!"

And now as I type this she hugs my leg and says "Mommy, I love you!"

As I looked on my cellphone to get this picture...I realized I had this picture from exactly three years ago today...

Wow...time has gone by so fast!



JJ said...

So wonderful you are documenting these moments to look back on--and just like that picture, you will look back and wonder how time passed so quick! Shes so cute :)

Cibele said...

How I love these conversations! What a sweet little girl she is! Thanks for sahring

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