Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Car Conversations...

On the drive home from Camp/Daycare...

Michael: (seeing an elderly couple slowly making their way down the street) Oh, look at those old people! Ugh! I don't ever want to get that old. I want to die young!

Me: (surprised) Um, no hon, I don't think you would want that. I know that I don't want that!

Michael: Well, maybe not. But getting old looks like its no fun.

Me: (trying to be rational) Well, getting old is not only a part of life, but it can be fun. It will be so nice to see you and Willow grow up, go and do fun things in your life, fall in love, maybe have kids...

Michael: Yeah, dad said that with all the medical technology around, Willow should live until the 22nd century!

Me: (now tearing up) Yeah, sure!

Michael: And you don't want me to die before you do, right?!

Me: (definitely sobbing underneath) No, of course not. And you won't. I get to die first.

(And then the discussion veers onto scientific abstracts about how our cells are always dying, etc.)

(Meanwhile we find "Willow Street" so she can see "her" street)


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