Saturday, August 27, 2011

Not Here Yet...Updated

Hurricane Irene is not here yet, but already the storm and its possible consequences are causing changes of plans, etc.

Yesterday, we went in to Boston with our visiting friend and went to the Constitution. Well, we actually went to the Naval Yard to see the Constitution--but found out that it was closed to tours because of the preparations it was undergoing because of the Hurricane. So, we toured the Destroyer that was next to it. The weather was warm, the sun was out, sky clear.* We had a great time, and afterwards went into China Town and had great Dim Sum.

Later we went for ice cream near our house and I stocked up on a few items at the store. Going through the grocery store I could see places where things should have been--but where they had been sold out--like flashlights and batteries.

Getting home we had a message on our machine from the town asking everyone to clean up their property of anything loose like lawn chairs, garbage cans, etc.

So...after living over 15 years in New England...this is the first time I have had to make any sort of Hurricane preparations.

Today we are going to enjoy ourselves and go to a friends tonight for dinner and gaming (after a nice session of gaming last night until 2 a.m.). And then, Sunday--I guess we shall hunker down at home and hope we don't loose power. :-)

To all my friends on the East Coast--be safe!

*Seems amazing that I could be worrying about sunburn one day, and just a couple days later I am worrying about wind, rain and cold.


Well, we hunkered down with our friend Tom and watched "Big Trouble in Little China" and played Zombie Munchkin. And the wind blew and some small limbs fell....and then nothing else. (Well, part of our behind us neighbor's fence fell on our kitchen window screen like it did this winter--so a slight tear in our screen)

So, after waiting to see if anything else would happen--we went bowling in the evening and it was like any other rainy/stormy day.

I consider us very lucky and I am grateful that our power did not go out (no flickers even).

For all those affected far worse--I wish you the best and speedy recovery!


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Cibele said...

I am so glad to hear that you guys are fine and the storm did not hit there too hard. Stay safe and thanks for the update