Sunday, August 21, 2011

Summers End...

It is evident everywhere, in the slight chill in the air. Even the rain that has occasionally invaded our days--it doesn't smell that summer rain smell. And the endless reminders of school coming soon...

But we are still enjoying summer. We went to one of our favorite places today. We walked around and found hoof prints in the mud and we picked flowers. We had ice cream and saw farm animals. We toured the farm (very cool new "smart barn") and saw cows and calves, one of which licked our hands with her tongue.

And then later on today, we went to the store and got some new pants for Michael for school. [sigh]

Time is inevitably moving forward. But we are trying to get in those last days of summer while we can.


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Cibele said...

I am feeling nostalgic as well. i am not ready to let summer go. I just love it too much