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Boldly Going Where A Lot of People Have Gone Before…

I am going to Williamsburg, VA to meet up with some Braces Bunch Gals that I have known on-line and through the Postal Service for over three years.

Here is what I posted about this some place else:

“The end of September I am going to be going to Williamsburg, VA. Alone on an airplane, to meet people I have never met. But, I have something in common with them. I am going to meet up with some women, some of whom I have known online for over three years, who are or who have struggled through infertility. We met online through our various blogs and created a group that supported each other through cards and gifts through the regular mail. In the past three years, I have gotten cards, "lucky socks", letters, chocolates when I was down and other gifts. I have sent words of encouragement and little gifts to cheer to various women from various parts of this country. We are going to meet for the first time. And yet...we already know what is in our hearts.

Please remember that many of …

A busy Saturday

This morning we got up early, I made waffles for everyone, Willow got yogurt all over herself and the kitchen table...after a quick bath...

We went to a Lego Convention in Boston with my brother and his wife and cousins. I think this was the first one, and it was interesting for the things it had and did not have (I was looking for more Lego representatives walking around--maybe costumed characters, maybe some bands playing..I think I have been spoiled from Halloweentown). Oh, not to say it wasn't definitely was fun!** Here are some pictures...

Willow kissing a Lego Guy...

Michael and Willow inside a lion's mouth...

They had a LOT of Star Wars Models...

Another Lego Guy...and you'll note that Michael is wearing a Lego Star Wars shirt (yeah, him and 100 other kids!)

One of my favorite heroes...

One of Michael's.

Michael used to LOVE these guys!

So, after, we all went to Fudd.Ruck.ers and had a nice lunch. And then we went to a Halloween store and Michael g…

"Old" Friends

The other night I got to finally meet up with Susan and her husband Ike. It was a wonderfully mild Tuesday night in Davis Square and we ate at one of our favorite Indian restaurants (Suzy & Ike love Sushi and Indian probably about as much as we do!)

It was amazing how quickly everyone was comfortable with each other. Hugging Susan was like hugging an old friend and we all fell easily into conversation.

Susan and I had Willow between us, and Willow had no problems whatsoever in “Beeping” Suzy (lately she has been poking in various parts of our bodies and saying “beep”, its her variation of “got your nose”—which she also does to no end). My usually shy-to-strangers toddler was immediately best buds with Susan. And then she crawled under the table to play. Yep, my toddler’s table manners are not the best at the moment. She did share a Mango Lassi with me, tho.

Suzy was a good sport while Willow attacked her personal space again and again--which is something since she had just had a day …

Perfect Moment Monday

Perfect Moment Monday is about noticing a perfect moment rather than creating one. Perfect moments can be momentous or ordinary or somewhere in between. Once a week we engage in mindfulness about something that is right with our world. Everyone is welcome to join.

This weekend was not perfect. It was hectic and anxiety ridden and chaotic and annoying and so full of things happening that I don't feel like I had a weekend, per say. There was good things too, but there was an overriding feeling of exhaustion and anxiousness...throw in a sick kid, a rambunctious toddler, exhausted and overworked parents...ya got us this weekend.

So, the perfect moments were the little things--

Laying down with my head-achy son, holding him and looking at him while he tried to sleep in my arms.

Noticing her length and colors of her hair as I rock her to sleep. Hearing her say "Sing to me mommy"--as I struggle to find words to sing to this wonderful child.

Hanging out on a Saturday night, watchin…

King Richard's

Last Saturday we went to our traditional fall outing -- to King Richard's Faire. Usually we go in October, but I was able to get a great discount if we went either last weekend or this weekend. So, with our friend John along, we went and had a good time.

I think the person who had the best time was Willow:

Taking her this year showed me how much she has grown and how much more fun she can have when we go do things. She is "on" as it were.

Also, lately, my children are Food Pirahna's....look what they do to this Turkey Leg!!

Michael wanted to eat almost as soon as we got there, so before we even had lunch, he had pre-lunch...yes, my son is becoming a Hobbit..

Willow, of course wanted some, so Michael shared...

Whereupon she stripped it pretty bare...after having some Apple Jacks too...
Willow also got to ride the ponies--not once, but twice...

And the kids played in the kids corner of the faire.

I have video of this...she is burying her baby doll that she brought with us...say…

Geek and Gamer Girls Song

Oh yeah.

Thoughtful Tuesdays

JJ has a wonderful idea for posts on Tuesdays expressing either something that you are thankful for, something that you have witnessed that was an act of kindness or something that you have done to "pay it forward".

My husband has recently thought up something that I not only thought was thoughtful, but that I am also thankful for.

With his hours, the two kids and the general daily choas around us, we don't always get to "talk" like we used to. Sometimes we get snatches here or there, but none of the intellectual stuff (or geeky stuff) that we are used to.

So, for the past month or so, we have been doing Link Thursday. We gather up 5-6 links of articles of things we are interested in that we want to share. And then on Thursday we send those links in an email to each other. It has helped to jump start our conversations at home, or at the very least, we have shared information with each other that we find stimulating that would have otherwise been lost in the …

Perfect Moment Monday

Perfect Moment Monday is about noticing a perfect moment rather than creating one. Perfect moments can be momentous or ordinary or somewhere in between. Once a week we engage in mindfulness about something that is right with our world. Everyone is welcome to join.

Moment #1: She is meowing like a kitten. Crawling and meowing. It is fascinating to see her imagination start to really take off. We try to videotape her escapades, but as soon as the camera is pointed at her, she stops acting like a kitten. We put the camera away...and then she merrily goes ahead and purrs like a kitten, crawls up to the kitchen chair to rub against it. And then she trys to eat food off the floor.

Moment #2: His feelings hurt, I comfort him. It is near bedtime, but he says "I can't really go to bed after crying." I agree with him and we decide to watch something funny on television first. We watch a program, sitting next to each other. Then I take him up to bed and he is fine...well, no…

S&T - Back to School/New School - Middle School!

Please stop over to participate!

Michael started 6th Grade this year--which is Middle School(!) (For me, I went to grade school from K-6, then Jr. High School 7-8, so this is something a bit new to me).

Every school year I have a set of poses that I always get photos of, and there are some I have added throughout the years...

All packed the night before.

This morning, all ready dressed and ready to go! Normally, I would have gotten a photo of him in his bed, as I woke him up--but my Middle Schooler has his own alarm clock now--and he was already up and dressed!

Breakfast time! It seems First Day of school is always scrambled eggs and some type of melon (usually cantalope).

Kif wants some too!! And lately, the cats always have to invade the pictures...

Ready to go...

Middle School awaits!

Blowing a kiss, as he goes to school. (This photo was taken from the car window...he did not need us to get out and walk him there, we just dropped him off--and watched him go...and then I cried).

Happy F…

Back to School Anxiety (Mine)

Tomorrow is it. Michael will be going to Middle School. A new school, a new schedule, a new set of teachers. A new routine for the whole family.

And then there are the anxieties of a mom of a Quirky Kid (good book). To keep Michael focused, he has to take ADHD medication. Which not only focuses him, but also focuses him so much that he gets OCD about various things. He tends to think in black and white terms, while the world around him is gray. He is funny and intelligent--sometimes qualities that get him in trouble, since he doesn't always understand appropriateness in situations.

Back to school time for me involves thinking about strategies for keeping my son on track and focused on his homework at night after he has spent all day staying focused. It includes every other Tuesday night taking him to behavioral therapy. Note writing to teachers explaining how my son thinks/works--helping them try to understand him and help him learn. Meetings with teachers, phone calls in the middle…

Thoughtful Tuesday

JJ has a wonderful idea for posts on Tuesdays expressing either something that you are thankful for, something that you have witnessed that was an act of kindness or something that you have done to "pay it forward".

I am thankful for my organizational skills. They served me well when I was in high school and college, meeting deadlines and keeping up with homework and tests. I am the type of person who loves nothing more than juggling several different jobs all at once, prioritizing them and being able to cross them off my list. Boy, I had no idea that these skills were not only PERFECT for having a family, but would be challenged and brought to new strengths through the various demands of said family.

I love technology's role in this--I just started an on-line calendar system--and I am actually excited by that (!) Yep, I am an Organizational Geek! I have excel spreadsheets for holiday gifts; I use reminders from Amazon for birthdays, etc...(and yeah, I STILL lose tr…

Perfect Moment Monday

Perfect Moment Monday is about noticing a perfect moment rather than creating one. Perfect moments can be momentous or ordinary or somewhere in between. Once a week we engage in mindfulness about something that is right with our world. Everyone is welcome to join.

Moment #1: It's 11:00 p.m. on Saturday. We are going to go to bed soon, but we hear a commotion upstairs in her room. My husband goes upstairs and then yells for me to help out. Her sippy cup leaked water ALL over her, her bedding...everything. We change her, change the bedding. But her hair is still wet. We bring her downstairs and turn down the lights, finish watching a little television while she snuggles against us, her hair drying. She is awake, but quiet (so unlike the active toddler we usually see in the day). It strikes me that in a few years time, it will be just us three on the couch watching television while my son is in college. I also remember times like these with my son when he was her age. The small unexpe…

Summer Assessment

As Labor Day approaches, its time for a look back at this summer.

Weather-wise, here in New England, it was better than last summer (last summer ALL of June was RAIN). We did have some heat waves, but generally speaking, the weather did not hamper our activities very often.

Before school even ended, we kicked off our summer by going to a Weird Al concert. One of the best performances I have seen, it was so great to have our friend Tom along and to watch Michael mesmerized. Michael is actually pretty good at knowing the words to several songs—verbatim. Of course, that meant that on the long ride to the venue Tom and Michael had a musical singing war; it was an off-key rendering of many many Weird Al songs…at times the back seat seemed to have two 12 year olds back there!

Our week on Cape Cod was wonderful -- the weather was awesome, the beaches beautiful, yummy seafood and relaxation! We did some things we traditionally do, but we also did a few new things—a Pirate Adventure, scien…

S&T - A Cow Goes -- MOO!! (And poop, and all sorts of disgusting things!)

My friend Suzy has decided to revive one of my favorite things--Show & Tell!!

So, please stop over to her blog and participate!

This Sunday found us surprisingly unscheduled. So, in thinking of things to do, I decided on an old stand-by. We have been going there for years...

(oh my, really, he used to be THIS small?!)

(and yeah, I left my camera in the car, so no matching photos of Willow)

There are many interesting things about this dairy farm. First off, its a State Park with many nature trails, etc. Secondly, it has an actual family owned, working dairy farm. And Thirdly, there is an ice cream store at the farm--the ice cream is made fresh, and there is a window where you can look out at the cows!

But, the many times that we have been there, we have never taken the free Park Ranger tour of the farm. Until Sunday.

First off, being a working farm, being in the middle of a heat wave, meant that we could smell a not so sweet smell when we entered the farm. We thought it was manure-…