Sunday, October 12, 2014


Things are still up in the air.  Cannot really write about details, but just waiting for tests and results, and hoping for the best for all.

Stress makes me eat bad food and watch television (and more of it!), but stress also makes me want my friends and family closer...and that has meant that I have been contact with more friends and family than normal lately...and that has felt good.  I often feel isolated and alone...its me and my own against the world.  Most times, I am kinda alright with that.  Other times, I wish I had more support.  It was nice to see that there are people out there who will help me when I need that (as I would be and have been for them).

Meanwhile, even during times of stress and strain, we find time to live life and to see what is around us.  Maybe it is our need to see outside our problems.  Maybe it is because we do not want to always bring our family down. Our maybe, just like in times of just does keep going despite the circumstances!

So, October is in full swing, both kids have decided on their costumes:

We went to a county fair:

And we are working on Reading on our own:

She read this all by herself the other night!



MrsSpock said...

Hope everything is OK....

Delenn said...

Thanks hon. Just a lot of balls in the air at moment.

Killing time...

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