Battle Armor

The last few weeks in our household have been tumultuous.  I find that our family "new normal" was short-lived.  Weariness and exhaustion, fear and hopelessness set in....

We have multiple battles beginning.  Chewy was laid off.  Without warning, without provocation.  But the larger battle was looming...and last week we found ourselves worrying about our son and his health and safety.  Last week we were in shock.  We asked for and received support in ways we had not known from places we did not expect.  I am so thankful for my friends.

Now, we gather to put our armor on.  The battles will be won. Have to be.  Now we gather our resources and we fight for what we need as a family.



Oh hon, I'm sorry you're fighting the battle on so many fronts. Cheering you on as you take a deep breath.
MrsSpock said…
So sorry to hear about all going on. I hope Michael is OK and for a quick resolution to joblessness. *hugs*
Delenn said…
Thank you. I need the support this time, I think.
Delenn said…
At the moment he is, but we are taking his depression seriously and are working through school issues too.

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