Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Lion King The Musical, Part II

When Michael was in kindergarten, we took him to the Lion King musical.  Being a bit extravagant, I spoiled my only having us go in a Limo (!)

Being silly in the Limo.

It was a wonderful experience and he had a great time...told all his classmates about it the next day, etc.  Looking back, we dressed up (he wore his Simba shirt...awwww...)  (He was far more into Lion King the movies than Willow has been).

Finally, the Lion King came back to Boston...and we went as a family of four this time.  Willow is in First Grade.  We skipped the expense of a Limo, but did go out to eat nearby.  This time, we were more casually dressed, more because it was a Sunday early evening performance.

It was as magical as last time!  (Although, I think the production we saw with Michael was more polished)  The second "Circle of Life" starts, and elephants walk down the aisle right by us (again!)...Willow was hooked!  Michael said he enjoyed it even more this time around.

Chewy and I spent time watching Willow's reactions...which included putting her hands in wonder up to her mouth, her eyes wide open, and cheering.  I told Michael that I had a tissue in my hand before the show started because I knew I would tear up at least once.  The biggest compliment came at intermission...when Michael confessed "Mom, I cried a little bit too."

It was a wonderful evening and we enjoyed it very was such a beautiful production and a wonderful way to "end" summer and "begin" the fall season.

Nursing her Root Beer.

Father and son talking.


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