Sunday, July 06, 2014

4th Random

I have thoughts that I would write down, but they are not solid enough...I have worries and happiness, the intermixing have made me a bit dis-jointed this bullets seem to be the way to remember this three day weekend:

  • We were rained out of our normal Canobie Lake Fun, in one of those times when you are all ready to go there, have even put the sun block on in that naive way that "of course" the tropical storm should not affect that far inland way.  And the park was closed.  That, and the all day rain storm that canceled outside activities, kinda left us at a loss this July 4th

  • There was Fantasia and annual Twilight Zone marathon...and early birthday cake!  And a board game...and going out for seafood.  So, we had a pretty good July 4th anyways. 

  • Michael's report card came on Thursday.  He got all A's and one B+ (math final brought it down).  Very proud of him, and glad Freshman year can be closed in the record books.

  • Willow is apprehensive about summer camp--its a new experience she is not quite certain of.  So far, she had a short week before the holiday and it went all right.  (She did get in trouble for kicking a boy...who knows whats going on there...)

  • Chewy and I were able to have some adult only time this weekend...were able to see two movies that we really had been thinking about seeing.  Both were very good - American Hustle and Hotel Budapest.  They were the type of good movies, like a good book, that continue to haunt your mind long after you have finished them.

  • Chewy had a Birthday!  And cake!  And sushi!  He was spoiled, as well he should have been.

  • Today we went to a BBQ at our friend's house.  It went pretty well...some misbehavior aside...

  • Willow sprayed people with a hose--got me totally drenched.  Told her it was funny the first time...but not so funny if she did it again.  (It was hard to keep a straight face for that one)

  • Michael was a bit thin-skinned and swore at another kid...but in the end it turned out okay (this is one of those times when he needs more social experiences to be able to know how to handle himself better) 

  • There were new experiences - like Michael using a kayak for the first time!

  • And the kids going out on a floating canoe.

  • The long weekend is over, time to go back to the relatively new  normal summer routine.


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