Fourth of July Daring Do...

Went for our annual trip to Canobie Lake today.  The most fun was watching Willow (and Michael) try NEW rides (well, for them).  

Since I have gotten older, I seem to be more motion sick than not, and so you won't see me on a lot of rides--but to see the kids actually trying some--well, that was awesome!

Don't get me wrong--I did indeed do some bumper car bumping--and I got totally totally wet at the water park...just you won't find ME on this type of ride:

Um..not sure if Willow totally enjoyed this one, but her brother was there (he rode it twice) and she was fine afterwards!

Willow also tried this bigger kid kiddie ride:

She said it went a "little too high" for her.

The only ride she wasn't "ever ever going to go on ever again" was the Haunted Mine Ride--too scary, she said.

Then it was on to the water park part of the amusement park.  Last year, I was barely able to get her to get near the sprinkler parts.  This year--she not only tried the kiddie water slide; she tried the intermediate twisty-covered water slide.  (I wish I could have gotten photos/video of that--but I was busy running around and getting wet trying to catch up to her).**

I totally admire that my kids tried the rides out and had a great time.

**Willow decided giving me a heart attack would be nice and she ran off--she was scolded for NOT listening to me when I told her to stay near me.  She ran off, I couldn't find her, I ran about getting more wet, getting blasted by people with water guns...(this is why I don't like being the only adult who will do the water park)...luckily the rest of our party finally came in and helped look and within 2 secs found her (While I was up in the middle of the water structure getting soaked by jerks with water guns).  Yeah, we laugh now--I am thinking of ways to make sure next time I drag another adult in with me!



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