Thursday, July 03, 2014

The Kittens Turn One!

The kittens turn one year old this July 4th.

We have had Delenn and Lennier since December 2013...a little over six months!

 They are cute and their personalities are different enough that you almost don't need to look at their collars to know which one is which.

 Delenn has become less apprehensive and more affectionate. Usually it is Kif and Delenn pouncing onto the bed in the early morning, wanting cuddles and food.

 Lennier is the troublemaker. He scratches things he shouldn't and is adventurous to a fault, finding impossible things possible and I can count several items in the house that he has broken. He is also Michael's favorite, so I cannot really be too mad at "Lenny" (Michael's nickname for him).

 In a fit of indulgence and frivolousness, I let the kids pick out birthday gifts for the kittens. We got a couple cat toys (which will probably not get hardly any use before they actually just lose them under furniture), some cat nip that they played with already and some outfits (the outfits were not something I would have bought at all---but like I said---being a bit indulgent). Lennier actually has taken to the outfit Michael picked out for him. Delenn doesn't seem to have Willow's girlish fashion sense (yet).

Delenn was not unhappy.

Lennier is like, well, the boy put this on me AGAIN...I look fashionable!

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