Thursday, August 22, 2013

Two Weeks from Today

Two weeks from today, my children embark on new adventures.  Our family starts a new schedule that will take some time to get used to and will become our routine for several years.

Michael is going to tour his high school with his counselor on Monday.  We already have an issue with his class schedule, so we will have to navigate the ins and outs of changing the schedule.  Hopefully we will have some ideas from his counselor.  With her recommendation, I have written the special education department this summer asking them to give him an evaluation regarding aspergers (his 504 does not address aspergers issues).  The diagnosis of high functioning aspergers is a recent one, so we had not really changed his 504 the last couple years (it seemed to be working for him pretty well).  But, with the transition to high school, we want to make sure that any accommodations that be made to help him can be made.

Because he has had a growth spurt (he now is officially taller than me), he pretty much needs a whole new wardrobe.  I have all his clothes purchased now, most of the supplies (I don't have supply list, so I will have to wait until he starts school to get any specifics).

He needs to get up earlier than we have ever had to and needs to arrive at school before anyone else has to get to work.  For the first time ever, we will split duties on drop off in the morning.  I will be dropping him off at school on my way into work.

Willow is excited about kindergarten.  She calls it "new school" versus "old school" that she goes to now.  We counted off the days until kindergarten.  She is not happy it will take so long.  She is NOT happy about missing her best friends at her "old school".  We are trying to have play dates with her friends from the "old school" so she can keep in touch.  I know she will meet new friends, but that is hard to explain to her right now...she will just have to discover this on her own.

She is going to have the same kindergarten teacher that Michael had. She has the latest drop off time--Daddy will be taking her.

She has all her supplies--has a Minnie Mouse backpack.  I still have to go through her clothes to see what she needs.

Two weeks.  And so long ago and far away from where we started.


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MrsSpock said...

Even though J starts kindergarten, it's not a big transition, as it's the private K at day care. Next year will be the biggie, and I am already nervous for it.