Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tom is visiting! Canoeing!

One of our oldest friends is visiting for a little over a week and we have been having some adventures!

Last Friday I took the day off and Tom and I went to the Museum of Fine Arts...and saw a very interesting time warp of clothing...(and since we are science fiction fans, we thought it very Dr. Who...)


Tom is really great with the kids and they just love him....

Getting ready to go out for some Dim Sum.

One of the reasons he is so fun is he is game for almost anything...including canoeing!

Funny story about canoeing...Willow wanted to go too, so when Tom came back with Michael, our friend Colt went out with Tom...Willow in the middle in a life jacket...

The canoeing with Michael had been about 15 mins.  They went around the bend in the river and then came back.

So, I sat back and enjoyed the river and took some pictures...

Thirty minutes had passed.  And then forty.  And now even I was a little bit worried....turns out, they went a bit further than before and saw ducks and swans and herons.  Then started heading back.  There was a branch involved.  That smacked Tom back...which made the canoe capsize.  In three feet of water.  Dirty water.  Willow was a trooper and merely screamed once out of surprise...but she stayed with the boat and she was wearing her life jacket...and could basically stand in the water.  Even so, Tom grabbed her and carried her to shore.  (Without shoes--he hadn't wanted to get them wet).  His legs were all scratched up from branches that were in the water.  Both Colt and Tom flipped the canoe over and got them re-situated.

They came back after an hour.  With Tom having to sit backwards on the canoe...and they were no worse for wear (Willow was singing).  But they certainly had an adventure!

Wet girl!


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