Perfect Moment Monday/Monday Snapshot

Have this post in my head, going out on a Monday that coincides with two of my favorite blog hops…

All these first day of school pictures make me a bit anxious to have those first pictures out too...although frankly, I want one last gasp of summer before the daunting schedules begin...

Here are pre-first day of school pictures...both kids got t-shirts at the end June this year, celebrating the new chapter to begin on September 5th.

Willow after Kindergarten Orientation.

Michael a week after school ended I found out he got this shirt.  (A smile from him!)

Perfect Moment #1:

It is a long car ride and he is sitting next to me.  Lately he doesn't want to be touched (except when he wants to be).  I take out the iPod and tell him to pick the music.  I expect Weird Al and I am pleasantly surprised when Jesus Christ Superstar starts to softly (and then loudly) play.  I try not to sing along (he hates that), but I do smile and the drive is pleasant and the little bit of ice that is between us melts and he is MY son again, not this alien teenager who is distancing himself from me.  I take occasional glances over at him and think of how young/old he is.  When we arrive at our destination, I warn him that I am going to touch I give him a noogie.

Perfect Moment #2:

This morning I am rushing around upstairs (late as usual).  Her laughing and giggling drifts up the stairs and I stop to listen.  Her laugh is infectious and starts my day off so much better.  What could be making her laugh--some old Three Stooges! I smile even broader to know that people so long gone can still have magic in this world.


The only thing better than Weird Al or JCS just might be Weird Al IN JCS!

Wait. That's probably blasphemy.

LOVE the noogie part. Love the whole post, actually. I can't believe how big your kids are getting.
Kathy said…
Great pictures and post! I especially relate to watching my older son grow up and how our relationship is changing, but still the same in many ways too. I know I have told you this before, but I love how you always write your Perfect Moment Monday posts, the voice you use and how you highlight one about each of your children. Thank you for sharing!
jjiraffe said…
Aw, another mother of a kindergartener! Your kids are adorable! :)
Ha- I didn't know that teens still dig Weird Al. Although, I suppose he never goes out of style. My kids have been in school since August 7th! It's school during the week, last glimpes of summer on the weekneds...

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