Saturday, February 16, 2013

Michael's Birthday Party

We had Michael's birthday party today.  Our friend Ana did her magic again with the cake.  I doubled the recipe on the chocolate fondu--which was a hit, but now I have WAAAY too much of it.  We had a veggie tray and Michael's favorite pizza.  Low kinda adult-like.  (Gotta get used to the fact that he is no longer the Kiddie Birthday kid....luckily, I got Willow--who is already saying "when's my birthday?")

Willow and her cousins had a lot of fun and sugar.  And Michael had a really nice time, got some Cthulhu items/figures and some money and a GameStop gift card...all wins for him!

Cthulhu cake!  Ana did an awesome job!

Willow getting into the act while we were taking pictures.  Michael brought down his stuffed Cthulhu which he has had for YEARS...Ana made sure to make the cake based on that.

The tentacles are stella doro cookies.

Trying to get him to just smile naturally is hard lately...

Opening presents while his twin cousins want to help open presents....

Blowing out the candle.  

Ana wanted a picture with Michael and her.

Cthulhu meet Cthulhu.

Looking at these pictures, I realize how much my kids need haircuts!!  Why do they grow so fast?!  Even their HAIR!


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Life Happens said...

What a cool looking cake. Looks like it was a fun family party. :)

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