Monday, February 18, 2013

Meet Clive

We finally did it.  After many years of no car payments...we finally had to get a new(ish) car.  We were both a little weary of having to get into paying for a car again, but we had gotten all the use we could out of Chewy's car. 

Chewy's car deserves a paragraph all its own.  We have been a two car family for quite some time.  I get the newer car, Chewy gets the older car.  The reason behind that will become clear.  First of all, I am usually the designated driver on family outings, etc.  So I drive the family car (hence newer).  Second, and Chewy will readily admit this...he is a slob.  And he cares even less about cars than I do.  We consider them means to an end, a way to get to our jobs, etc.  He really doesn't care what it looks like or what happens to the interior.  As long as it drives and he gets all the use he can out of the car (because, in the end, buying a car is an awful waste of money, no matter how you slice it).  And I mean he gets out ALL the use.  When we handed in the car to the dealership (which took it at a specific price, sight unseen--their idea, our relief) three out of four car handles were busted off, body damage was all over the place (I mean, the windshield wiper fluid tub was exposed!), it failed inspection last time, the driver's side seat was broken and was being held up by an old (1980s) computer, its check engine light had just turned on, etc.--did I mention that this was Chewy's car?!  So that also meant that the interior had wrappers and cola cans and when he "cleaned" it out it took 2 trash bags and a storage bin (he collects old computers and wires and was storing them in his trunk).  Yeah...we were lucky the dealership took it for any value. 

So, my old car, the RAV, will be my husband's car (it is now shaking in its tires....)

Without further ado, here is our new family car:

Meet Clive the CRV*:

Picked him up last night.

*Yes, we name our cars...go ahead, say what our fourteen year old said as he looked at us in that disgusted grimace that only teenagers do well: "Whatever." 

We have had Nate the Neon (long ago leased vehicle); Cal (short for Caligula) the Camry; and Robbie the RAV4.  (Cal has left the building...poor guy)

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Life Happens said...

Nice car. We are talking about getting a new car, eventually. The car payment is hard to swallow, but eventually we will need a new car. My current Accord has about 290K miles on it!!