Remember that Thanksgiving where you had Gallstones and later on had to have Gallbladder surgery?

Someday, I will be able to say that.

Right now, home with Vicodin and anti-nausea medicine waiting to talk to a surgeon next week (hopefully Monday) for surgery. Yay!

 This couldn't come at a worse time (of course, when would be a good time, eh?)

 So, the long weekend I was looking forward to--not so much.



Amanda said…
Oh honey, I'm so sorry. I hope they get you in super quick & you recover even quicker. (((hugs)))
Ana said…
I am so sorry! I hope they get you in very quickly. Sending big hugs...
raisingmiles said…
I had mine removed in 2010, 4 days before Thanksgiving. And then had to follow a low fat diet. What part of Thanksgiving dinner is low fat??? Good luck!
Thinking of you! It sucks that it happened and even more so that it was around the holidays.
Life Happens said…
Hope you have a quick recovery. :)

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