Thursday, March 31, 2011

Responsibilities, Residents, Rest Oh My!

Yesterday was a bombardment of responsibilities. I took the day off to help out Husband, who had 5 teeth pulled(!) Considering he is also a dental phobic, this was a big deal. With painkillers, etc. there was a lot of chauffering around but also hand holding and anxiety decreasing responsibilities. I made him a favorite recipe of Orange Fluff (my Grammie's recipe) and he had lots of je.ll.o, shakes and soft brownies! So, being responsible for another adult was just one of the things I was hit with. I was also hit with the fact our dental insurances SUCKS (one reason why he is starting a new job Monday) I had the nice sinking feeling of paying for mouth destruction and reconstruction on my credit card! Oh, and while I was chauffering him around--Michael's home room teacher called to talk about his recent increase in OCD behavior--these are conversations where they tend to ask you what you think should be done about it--and you think (but do not say)"like I am a flipping pyschologist!?!" Oh, and earlier my son had left his Typo-graph (its a mini computer device the school has given him to help him get his work done--cuz writing for him is an artform to obsess over)...well, he left it somewhere--which after searching and getting Husband ready for surgery--I found in the car. Which meant I had to pick him up early from after school because he needed it for homework.

Oh...and I realized that I had gotten us tickets to a show for THAT NIGHT. (hey, 3 months ago I did not know he was going to have oral surgery!)

So, after picking Willow up from daycare (oh did I mention that in my down time I picked up a thank you card for the daycare provider, cuz Friday is her last day before Pre-school...oh and I also struck out trying to find peanut-free treats for the kiddos for Friday); our babysitter came and we went to The Residents show.

I was worried that Husband would be too drugged out (or in pain), but actually--he wasn't!!

See? A $$$ smile!

The concert was really fun and we were front row! It is hard to describe, but frankly it was a great meditation on life, insanity and growing old...and damned creepy! :-)

Boy am I looking forward to Saturday--we are going into Boston for a night in a great hotel and having sushi and just relaxing to celebrate our wedding anniversary (which is Sunday). I think we will both need this!



Bumpy Journey said...

Awwww. I am glad you hubby was able to enjoy the show despite the dental work! We have crap ass dental insurance also, and it HURTS! Are you done paying for it? You can get a Care Credit card that is for medical and dental charges- no interest. It is also good for animals if you have one.


JJ said...

I haaaaaate the dentist! Glad that is over for him and you all got to enjoy the evening.

Anonymous said...

Wow. That's a lit of stuff going on. Glad you had a good time after all.

~Jess said...

Glad you guys were at least able to go and enjoy yourselves!

Kristin said...

That sounds like an exhausting day.

Glad to hear your hubby was able to enjoy the show despite the dental visit.

And, I hope the upcoming weekend it the respite you guys need.

Vee said...

That sounds hectic, Glad you got to enjoy the show. Happy anniversary have a great time!

jjiraffe said...

Ouch! Impressed your husband was able to make it to the show!

What is Orange Fluff? I'm hosting a recipe swap with family stories on Sundays...I think there would be a lot of interest in Orange Fluff! If you want to join in on the blogging, here's more :)