Friday, March 11, 2011

Joys of Reading

Reading is one of my favorite things in life. And it was bittersweet to watch Michael learn to read, as it took away one of my favorite things to do with him--reading books with him. I loved making each character have distinctive voices and loved reading old favorites and finding new ones.

Even after he learned to read, for quite some time we had bedtime reading--where I would sit in his room at bedtime and read from a chapter book to him. We read about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the Little House series, Pooh Bear and others.

After Willow was born, those bedtime stories were phased out (I didn't have time with a newborn, it was too choatic, he would read in bed on his own). Now he has a nightly reading assignment from school (they have to read for 30 mins. a night).

So there was silence. And, at first, Willow did not care to sit still enough to listen to any books. FINALLY, the last year has blossomed...and I am so glad to be reading with silly voices again!!

Willow's pick for last night's bedtime reading...


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