Friday, March 25, 2011


I have not been writing as much because a lot has been going on. Not just in real life (which, uh, yeah, TONS going on there--maybe I will write about it sometime!), but also in the world in general and specifically my friends on-line and in real life. I wish I could say it was all good. But I am worried about several of my friends and nothing like worry on top of worries to make one wonder about this thing called Life. (and now a Prince song pops into my head)

So. Originally I was going to post something about transitions and renewals. About how we have had a hard few months here in our household but that things are transitioning and I am cautiously optimistic that we are moving (finally) in a better direction...but I don't feel like that type of post today. How do I complain about my problems when they pale against others? How do I praise our struggling through a rough patch when others have to show much more courage and strength than I ever have had to bring forth?

Instead of thinking about how much suffering there is in the world, I am glad that I have actually seen positive and healing responses from people. It fills me with such warmth to think about how we are all individuals struggling through life and how one's suffering, one's strength can inspire another person to help ease that struggle. How people can use the internet to reach out to others. This past week I have seen people offer up jokes to someone in the hospital going through one of the worst times in her life. I have seen people band together to offer support to people dealing with situations that can make the toughest of us wish for a do-over button.

And it makes me smile and be happy with life, no matter what it brings--we are not as alone as we sometimes think.



serenity said...

The one thing my therapist keeps telling me is that struggle is struggle, no matter how it may pale in comparison with others. Whatever stresses you're dealing with aren't better or worse just because they're not as bad as what someone else might be going through.

I'm working on that part, though.

I am happy that you seem to be transitioning to a better place, though. Gives me hope for ME. :)


JJ said...

And you, my friend, are an amazing support to anyone going through any time of "struggle" in their life. Just hope we all return the same love and support to you--I do hope we do.
Been thinking of you and your family as the hubs makes the job transition!

Suzy, Not a Fertile Myrtle said...

It is so nice to see the compassion that others have in the midst of struggles going on in the world.

Thanks for being my sunshine on cloudy days! I know you do that for so many others too.