Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Spongebob:when you use your IMAGINATION you can do anything!

I imagined this.

We are sitting in his room; he has brought out an action toy set, explaining to me that he has only one figure, needs to spend some of his allowance on another.

She plops right down on the floor, starts playing with the set. Her imagination has blossomed lately and she has little scenes she plays out. She plays, quietly putting words into the action figures mouth, using the toys in ways that only she understands.**

He goes and gets the Halloween Mr. Potato Head that I got him this weekend (he collects them, he has all the Star Wars ones, a Spider-Man one). He shows me the various creations he can make with the Halloween one, and we talk about how Mr. Potato Head has changed from when I was a girl.

And I watch as my two children play before me. All troubles melt away and I remind myself that sometimes real life is even better than we imagine.

**Generally speaking, her themes of play concern “mommy” “daddy” and “babies” and variations on “house”. (well, as far as I can tell) Which means Iron Man has one heck of a complex right now—I have no idea if he was the mommy, daddy or baby!


Courtney said...

oh my goodness, what a wonderful post. And so true.

Miss K said...

Watching your kids play and interact is one of the greatest joys, I think.

Anonymous said...

Life is definitely better than we could ever imagine...