Sunday, October 10, 2010

Borrowing from Suzy...

outside my window... it is dark, cool, almost time for bed.

i am thinking... that my stomach hurts (I think I might be a little lactose intolerant), my head hurts and its time to go to bed soon.

i am thankful for... a sleeping toddler--we converted her crib to a toddler bed today...and so far, she is sleeping away!

from the kitchen... I did not cook dinner tonight, was going to, but someone (HUBS) put the chicken roaster in the freezer, and we had promised the kids ice cream...the day was just that weird that yes, we went out for ice cream before dinner; came home and I prepared meals for the kids cuz my husband and I were not hungry any more, then my tummy started, yeah, its 10 o'clock at night and I have had no dinner, not going to have any...(um, well, I guess the one scoop of pumpkin and one scoop of apple pie cheesecake ice cream ended up being my dinner...)

i am wearing... blue sweat pants, blue shirt and my robe (even tho its not that cold)

i am creating... nothing at the moment, although I am hoping to scrap book soon.

i am going... to go to bed soon--but first--T.V.!

i am reading... a memoir; a fiction book that was on my son's summer reading list; and a fictional book that I have read before.

i am hoping... that my stomach quits hurting and that Willow stays asleep in her toddler bed all night.

i am hearing... a pretty quiet night...husband is in the kitchen studying for a technical exam he is taking on Thursday.

around the house... Hubs in kitchen, Willow in her toddler bed (I hope), Michael in his bed asleep (I hope); Kif and Gabby are sleeping on various chairs near Hubs in kitchen, me I am on the computer, not the laptop.

one of my favorite things... fall leaves and their crunching noise--still waiting for that around here...any day now. :-)

i don't understand... why I can be in a bad mood on a beautiful fall day...

i wish... this weather would last longer. (Here ya!)

a few plans for the rest of the week...Tomorrow I go to work; hubs has off with the kids (may haps they come and visit me at lunch?); Thursday night is gamer night; Friday morning we have a 504 meeting at Michael's school; Friday night we are all going to the Circus; Saturday we are going to a friends house to "play".

and a photo to share...HA!

Ooooh, okay, here are some photos...

Michael in his Halloween costume; Willow in her new pjs...

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Kristin said...

I love Willow's pjs but that Dora picture almost made me spew my tea all over my poor keyboard.

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