Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Quality Time

This weekend I am going to experience something I have not done in a while. Quality alone time with my son. My friend and I are taking Michael camping for the first time.

Since husband does not like camping, he has volunteered to wrangle Todd-lor this weekend (and good luck to him!)

I am excited, because it has been years since I have been camping (mainly because of the aforesaid husband-who-hates-camping-or-anything-too-outdoorsy) (which is funny, cuz it is about the only thing that we are not of the same mind on).

I am also a bit trepidatious about leaving Willow for a weekend because she is very Mommy-Clingy lately. Last night, I took Michael to his therapy and Willow was picked up by daddy. And, even though I was gone just a few hours--she was insistent in her calls of "Where's Mommy?" to the point that husband called me to talk to her to re-assure her I was coming, I guess my cell phone is coming camping with me.

But, the BIGGEST thing I feel--is a strong sense of love and caring and happiness to be able to, without all the other distractions in my life and his, spend some time with my son. Before the new school year, before summer is waning. And I get to show him something that I cherish and experience something with him for his first time.

I have bought two sleeping bags. I hope that despite his often-times husband clone-likeness, that I find this outdoor part of my son that links me to him. Like his love of Mad Magazine and scary stories and Halloween and Christmas. I hope that this is an investment in future outings with my son.


Suzy, Not a Fertile Myrtle said...

It sounds like you guys are going to have an amazing weekend! Can't wait to hear all about it.

Caro said...

Sounds great, have fun!

kimbosue said...

Awww...a mother-son bonding weekend!

JJ said...

Hope you all have a blast this weekend! I cannot wait to do this with Oman!

MrsSpock said...

I am a camping wuss myself, but sounds like a good binding moment.

Anonymous said...

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